Absolutely Everything I’m Carrying with Me on the Camino

I laid out everything that the I might take with me on the Camino
I laid out everything that the I might take with me on the Camino – and then I had to decide what had to be left behind.

So here I am, two years after announcing on Facebook that I was going to walk the Camino de Santiago, and I’m finally – finally – all packed and ready to go.

I think.

For more than a thousand years, millions have walked this holy path. “El Camino de Santiago” translates in English to “The Way of Saint James.” It’s the pilgrimage the holy, the sinners, and the curious make to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain where legend has it, the remains of Jesus’s apostle Saint James the Elder lie.

Uhhhhhhhhh…. OK.

I’ll begin what I like to call my “Spanish Schlep” the first week of September and am giving myself loads of time to walk the 500 miles that make up the trail called “Camino Frances” – the French Way. I’ll be leaving the French village of Saint Jean Pied de Port, crossing the Pyrenees into Spain and hoofin’ it to Santiago de Compostela.

I’ve researched suggested packing tips, made countless packing lists, and stalked all the Camino forums to see what the “pros” say I should bring and what I leave behind.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already logged 500 miles schlepping back and forth from my house to REI and Target buying and returning my supplies.  I’ve been through five pairs of boots, 12 brands of socks (yes, I’m friggin’ serious), multi brands of underwear and countless varieties of travel-size toiletries.

I’m done with the shopping, now all I’ve gotta do is, you know, just do it.

Yep, all I’ve gotta do is hoist my packed backpack aka “The Beast,” strap it on and start walking. One step at a time.

Here she is, “The Beast,” weighing in at 15.2lbs

The Trail Essentials:

  • Osprey Kyte 36″ Ladies Backpack
  • Backpack Rain Cover/Protector
  • Fanny pack
  • iPhone (7Plus)
  • iPhone Ear buds (and an extra set)
  • iPhone charger and cord
  • Moophie Powerstation and cord
  • Electric converter
  • Passport
  • Credit Cards, ATM Card, Cash
  • Guide Book, highlighter
  • My Compostela – or Camino Passport
  • My journal w/ 2 pens and tiny decorative souvenir tapes
  • Pages from my Sudoku book
  • Coin/credit card purse
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunscreen Chapstix
  • 2 Emergency whistles
  • Road ID bracelet w/ emergency contact
  • Watch
  • Selfie Stick – Yep, I’m bringing it – don’t hate me
  • Hiking Poles
  • Headlamp
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • Bottle Sling
  • 4 Hiking Carabiners
  • 4 Nite Ize Gear Ties
  • My “Bronco” Lanyard (Gotta fly the colors)
  • Electrolyte Pills
  • 5 mini packets of peanut butter
  • 2 energy bars
  • 3 energy Gu Gels
  • Sunglasses, case & wipecloth
  • Reading glasses
  • Emergency thermal blanket (Hey, I saw how it ended for Emilio Estevez in “The Way”)
  • Small white rock from the Rockies to be placed at the Cruz de Fiero
  • 4 sew-on patches on my pack, Camigas, Buen Camino, Colorado Flag & my initials – I couldn’t find a great U2 one & I’m bummed


  • 4 Bottoms (2/Under Armour’s HeatGear Capri, 2/ Under Armour’s HeatGear shorts)
  • 4 Shirts (2/Under Armour HeatGear long sleeve & 2 short sleeve)
  • 1 Patagonia Happy Hike pants (for travel and nights)
  • 1 Extra Large scarf for nights and church visits
  • 4 pairs of Smartwool socks
  • 4 pairs ExOfficio underwear
  • 3 Nike sports bras
  • Columbia Arcadia Rain Jacket
  • Eddie Bauer Fleece Jacket
  • Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Boots
  • Teva sandals for evenings
  • Buff
  • Headband
  • Hat – Yep, the ugly one
  • Purse for night, restaurants, etc


  • Travel Size: Toothpaste, brush, floss
  • Travel Size: Oil of Olay Bodywash
  • Comb
  • Hair brush
  • Travel Size: Head ‘n Shoulders combo hair/conditioner – ehhh, couldn’t find a better combo
  • Travel Size: Frederic Fekkai hair styling cream
  • Travel Size: Burt’s Bees Hand Salve
  • Travel Size: Nivea Hand Cream
  • Q-Tips
  • Itsy bitsy nail file
  • Tiny nail clipper (the key to toenail survival – keep ’em short)
  • BodyGlide
  • Hemorrhoid Wipes (TMI? You never know, plus how do you ask for hemorrhoid wipes in Spanish?)
  • Deodorant

Medicine Kit:

  • Travel Size: Tylenol
  • Travel Size: Advil (AM & PM)
  • 2 Emergen-C pkts
  • Travel Size: Tums
  • Chapstix
  • Travel Size: Visine
  • 3 Compeed
  • 6 Band-Aids
  • First aid tape
  • First aid stretchy tape
  • Moleskin
  • 1 Extra Large Safety Pin
  • 3 Large Safety pins
  • Travel Size: Neosporin
  • 2 packets of alcohol wipes
  • Travel Size: Vaseline
  • Travel Size: Hand Sanitizer

The “Dear God, please don’t let me evah need this stuff” Stuff:

  • Emergency “ToGo” Kit includes wipes, baggie, 5 sheets of tp and industrial-strength soap sheets
  • Toilet Trowel for my “ToGo” kit – OMG! OMG! O! M! G!

On the Trail and In the Room:

  • 1 Large Quick Dry Towel
  • 1 Small Quick Dry Towel
  • Travel Size: Sewing Kit
  • Travel Size: Tissues
  • Ziplock bags (extra and for snacks)
  • Swiss army knife thingy with a bottle opener, ‘natch
  • S-Hooks to hold wet stuff, use in showers, etc
  • Scrubba bag to do nightly laundry
  • Travel Size: Laundry soap
  • Laundry String/Line
  • Plastic knife, fork, spoon combo
  • Tiny roll of duct tape


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