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    Tallinn: Kick ’em in the Baltics!

    A popular day stop for the Baltic Cruises is Tallinn. Wait, what???!!! Tallinn what? Where and what is this place you call Tallinn? I get it. A lot of people (myself included) have never heard of Tallinn and you know what – that’s almost criminal. Tallinn was first recorded on a world map in 1154 and is now the largest city and capital of Estonia. It should be your next must-see destination. (See it here on a map) A medieval, walled-city, this place is full of history, charm and ghosts! Yep, ghosts. At its historical heart is Toompea, covered in ankle-twisting cobbled lanes, lined with medieval houses and surrounded by guard towers and Gothic spires. The old…

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    Day Trip to Delos

    Why go tilting at windmills??? According to Greek Mythology, Mykonos is where Hercules buried the Giants after a fierce battle. Another version – ‘cuz there’s always another version in Greeks Mythology – the island was named after Mykonos, son of the King of Delos who was the son of Apollo. If your Mediterranean cruise stops in Mykonos – get it out of your head that you have to spend the entire day on Mykonos, there’s real history, real adventure and real lions to see just a short boat ride away. Most likely your cruise will sail into Mykonos early in the morning and you’ll be in port until 4ish which is more than enough time to 1) Stroll the quaint port village, 2) Grab…