Mark Your Calendars: My Camino Starts in 10 Days

Ten days from now I’ll be starting my Camino – a 500 mile walk across Spain. By. Myself. WTFFFFFFfffffffff!?

Seriously, WTF am I doing – what am I thinking?

I am nowhere near ready for this – NOWHERE NEAR.

I haven’t trained the way the books say you’re supposed to train, I’m not sure about my shoes, my backpack is heavy and it hurts. I don’t know where I’ll be staying, don’t know what I’ll be eating, don’t know where I’ll be able to go when – you know – I gotta go, hell – I don’t even know where to put my water bottles on my backpack.


I’m full of self-doubt and paralyzed with fear.

And yet, and yet – I’ve never felt more alive.

I’m am so excited to see if I can do this – if I can walk the 500 miles all by myself, sleeping in a different town every night, carrying my backpack, meeting people from all over the world who have their own self doubts, and – AND, drinking a lot of wine.

Like, a lot!

I’ve given myself 45 days to complete my Spanish Schlep – hopefully it’ll be enough time, hopefully along the way I’ll learn something about myself, and hopefully I’ll realize I’ve been ready for this all my life.


10 Things you didn’t know about my Camino Plans

  1. My backpack weighs 15.2 lbs and stands 28″ high. (Yikes, I’m only 5’1″-ish)
  2. The heaviest thing in my pack is my toiletry bag – not my shoes
  3. I’m only taking 2 pairs of shoes, but 4 pairs of socks
  4. I’m taking 10 tiny packets of peanut butter, but no jelly
  5. When I’ve gotta go – I’ve got my GoGirl
  6. I’m taking 4 pairs of underwear, but only 3 bras
  7. Don’t worry, I’m taking my Scrubba
  8. I won’t be walking without my Bobbi Brown face cream – Jeezus folks, I’m not a savage
  9. I’m bringing a selfie stick. There I said it. I’ve gone to the dark side. Hate me.
  10. I lied. I’ve booked one hotel – a spa. Because, I’m worth it.

Wanna see my route – click here 


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