The Heaviest Thing I’m Bringing with Me to the Camino: Donald Trump

The Camino de Santiago has for centuries, been a destination for those seeking answers – be they spiritual, emotional, or even physical. The righteous and the wretched have carried their sins, regrets, hopes, desperation, and dreams with them as they walk “The Walk” –  the 500 mile path of pilgrims.

As I prepare for my Spanish Schlep, like others, I’m carrying a heavy load. I’m bringing with me Donald Trump and he’s my heaviest burden, my biggest strain.

I’m not a religious person, but I like to believe I’m a good person. I believe in good vs. evil, light vs. the dark, U2 vs. Coldplay. I have always tried to do good by my fellow human; offering support when I can, a shoulder to cry on, an extra bar stool to share a good giggle.

But I’m at a loss when it comes to trying to find a good or kind word for our President OR for his supporters.

And I hate this feeling.

I’m obsessed by his greed, his lack of leadership, his callous disregard for the truth or the environment, his obsession of obliterating Obama’s legacy, his terrifying and dangerous war against the free press, his embracing neo-nazis, his inability or lack of interest to understand what it means to be the leader of the United States – to be the president for all of us, not just his core supporters. His, his, his……

ARGH – I gotta stop.

So here’s what I’m hoping to do. I’m hoping to adopt a Trumpeteer. I want to find someone – anyone – who still believes in and supports Trump. I want us to talk about our differences, learn from each other, and work together to fix this feeling of dread and divisiveness that consumes our nation – hell, consumes our world.

I love America, I love Americans. I watch what is happening in Houston where, in the wake of an unprecedented natural disaster – neighbors are helping neighbors, strangers come to the aid of those in need and no one – NO ONE – talks about the color of their skin, what (if any) God they worship, who they love, where their family came from – or if they voted for Trump or Hillary.


They’re Americans. That’s the spirit of our nation, that’s what fills my heart with joy, that’s the country I want now and forever. Perhaps if I can find a Trumpeteer and I can unload my fears, unload my burden, the weight I carry can be replaced by hope.


Famous people who have walked the Camino*

  1. President John Adams
  2. Suze Orman
  3. Anthony Quinn
  4. Shirley MacLaine
  5. Martin Sheen
  6. Martin’s son, Emilio Estevez
  7. Andrew McCarthy
  8. Stephen Hawking (Welllll, he didn’t walk it, but he did a symbolic wheelchair ride – that still counts in my book)
  9. Jenna Bush
  10. Saint Francis of Assisi
  11. Charlemagne

(*Note: Not all did the full 500, but whatev – I’m trying not to be a hater)


  • urbanhikingden

    I so get you. I felt the exact same way when my daughter and I did Europe this summer. Here’s what I found out. I would introduce myself and immediately apologize for 45. The Europeans would laugh. They’d say it was no big deal and he’s just a blip in history. It will all be okay and we’ll all get over it. The conversation would then open up to leadership, differences between leaders, etc. It triggered a great world direction conversation. So, no need to apologize. They get it. And together, while walking the Camino, I guarantee you’ll have some brilliant ideas for how to fight this mofo when you get back.

    • gloriataub

      I’m so excited to chat with Europeans – but really want the dialogue to begin here at home – I’m so afraid and saddened by his divisiveness
      But – one step at a time – on The Way and in politics

  • Bo Boje Olsen

    So… Here I am. A European who happened to stumble over your blog. And what a great blog when preparing for my first Camino. And so much fun too 😀
    However, I cant help but wonder? Did you really come across a Trumpeteer, that was actually able to consider other peoples arguments, and wasn´t oblivious to facts?

    • gloriataub

      Hello and thanks for your kind words. I hope your Camino experience is as great as mine – I so long to return.
      Yes, I did meet a Trumpeteer and sadly despite the fabulous meal and gorgeous wine we shared – we could not find any grounds for agreement
      It was sad – I’m sure I was the cliche “snowflake” and he was sadly a cliche Trump supporter.
      Best of luck to you Buen Camino

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