Dreaming Of

I love to travel. I love every single part of it – even airport delays (Seriously!!!) I love the early planning; the research, the dreaming of places to go, the narrowing in on where to go, what to eat, what to experience, what to pack, how to get there, and where to stay.

And that’s what this section will cover – my early plans for future travels.

I’m always chasing rainbows – looking for new adventures

While most people use their blogs to share, brag, and even complain about the places they’ve been to, I want to include a section where I share plans for my upcoming trips.

I spend a lot of time dreaming and planning vacations, like A LOT. I’m always thinking about new adventures, new places to experience.

Dreaming of and planning for my travels are often some of my best adventures. Even when I’ve had to cancel a trip, I loved researching a new city or country. Plus, if you find yourself here and read about my upcoming trips, I hope you’ll share your thoughts, recommendations, memories, etc.

My plan is to share with you all my trip preps including itineraries, packing, research, fears/hopes/dreams, budgets, and maybe even second thoughts.

I’m dreaming of many new adventures and I hope you’ll join me in seeing them come true.

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