Our Egypt Adventures Begin

Looking out my airplane window, I got my first glimpse of the famed Great Pyramid of Giza!

And we have lift-off – we are on our way to Egypt.
And I’m a bundle of nerves.
We have been planning this trip forever – and forever putting it off. Fears – and fears of fears – have caused us to put off visiting the land of Pharaohs.
But then came the pandemic and a realization – at least for me – that life is precious and it is to be grabbed by the balls and enjoyed to its fullest!
So, we are off on our newest adventure. I’ve packed sunscreen, Sani wipes, sandals, and sundries – we are ready for our desert destination!

We are going to strut with Tut, read “Death on the Nile” while sailing down the Nile and we are going to rock out with Ramses!

Egypt is the birthplace of my mother – they survived that – but can they survive me and Lou? You bet your asps they can!

It’s taken me months to research, select and find just the right itinerary and a company that will give me everything I want.

Masked up and ready to go! Someone alert the Pharaohs we’re on our way

We will be gone for nearly three weeks – Here’s our itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival at Cairo International Airport – Cairo Overnight.
  • Day 02: Pyramids & Sphinx & Cairo Overnight.
  • Day 03 : Memphis & Sakkara – Cairo Overnight
  • Day 04 : Visit the Great Egyptian Museum – Cairo Overnight
  • Day 05 : Cairo Sightseeing – Cairo Overnight
  • Day 06: Fly to Luxor – Free Day – Luxor Overnight.
  • Day 07: Luxor East bank Luxor Overnight.
  • Day 08: Luxor West Bank – Luxor Overnight.
  • Day 09: Danderah & Abydous – Luxor Overnight
  • Day 10: Esna & El Kab Day Tour – Luxor Overnight
  • Day 11 : Nile Cruise Embarkation – Nile Cruise Overnight
  • Day 12 : Luxor West Bank Part II – Nile Cruise Overnight
  • Day 13: Visit Edfu & Koum Oumbo Temples – Sail to Aswan – Nile Cruise Overnight
  • Day 14: Aswan City Tours – Nile Cruise Overnight
  • Day 15 : Check out from Cruise – Aswan Overnight
  • Day 16 : Visit Abu Simbel Temples –Aswan Overnight
  • Day 17 : Nubian Museum & – Nubian Villages – Aswan Overnight
  • Day 18: Fly to Cairo – Cairo Overnight
  • Day 19: Free Day – Cairo Overnight
  • Day 20: Fly back home – Final Departure

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